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The story of Uriah Heep is one that is now within its 40th year and as such, is testament to the band’s talent and tenacity as both recording and touring artists. ‘On The Rebound – A Very ‘Eavy 40th Anniversary Collection’, released on Universal Music on May 31st, honourably and ‘umbly marks Uriah Heep’s 40th anniversary as one of the U.K.’s most prestigious Heavy Rock bands.

Uriah Heep, who indisputably invented Hard Rock in conjunction with Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, have sold more than 30 million albums since their inception.

From their early incarnation as The Gods and Spice, through record breaking tours, gold and platinum selling albums, timeless chart scaling anthems and a fiercely dedicated fan base of worldwide proportions, Uriah Heep can rightly claim to be one of the greatest U.K. progressive heavy rock bands of both the 20th and 21st centuries.

Lead by original lead guitarist Mick Box since 1982, whose Cheshire cat grin has endured throughout all the highs and lows that are inevitable for such a lengthy musical career, Uriah Heep returned in 2008 from a recording hiatus that had lasted ten years with ‘Wake The Sleeper’, a brand new studio album that floored the critics and fans in equal measure, such was the strength of the music on display. The fresh material proved why Uriah Heep have enjoyed such a lengthy career supported by an equally strong and enduring fan base.

From their first full length album release in 1970 (‘Very ‘Eavy, Very ‘Umble’) right through to their storming come-back with ‘Wake The Sleeper’ in 2008, ‘On The Rebound: A Very ‘Eavy 40thAnniversary Collection’ with its homage artwork to that first record, showcases at least one track from every studio album throughout the band’s entire career. Also included in the selection is a bonus track, ‘You Are The Only One’, from the ‘Wake The Sleeper’ sessions, which sees its very first release here.

Compiled in conjunction with band leader Mick Box, as the title suggests, it’s the heavier material that’s been chosen to represent Heep’s grit and determination and as a salute to the sheer beauty that is a well struck power chord.


‘On The Rebound: A Very ‘Eavy 40th Anniversary Collection’ is unique in its content from any other collection that has gone before and its ‘shuffle-ready’ running order can be enjoyed in equal measure, from the die-hard fans to the younger iPod generation who might be discovering Uriah Heep’s music for the very first time.




‘SOMETIME WORLD – An MCA Travelogue’


To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Wishbone Ash, one of the U.K.’s most respected and celebrated Rock bands of all time, Universal Music are set to release a special double CD anthology,  ‘Sometime World: An MCA Travelogue’ on May 31st.

Fascinating fans now for exactly four decades and yielding a vast catalogue of studio albums along with a dozen-odd live releases, Wishbone Ash may have had their share of line-up changes (a fact synonymous with most band’s with a similar longevity), but throughout all their incarnations, one facet has remained constant – the creation of exciting, challenging and evocative rock music.

Wishbone Ash formed late in 1969 when bassist Martin Turner and drummer friend Steve Upton re-located to London from their native Devon, and, after a well-placed advert in Melody Maker, attracted not one, but two very talented guitarists, Andy Powell and the youngest member, Ted Turner, to the line-up.

With Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Genesis and Yes all favouring single-guitar line-ups, the Powell-Turner axis was a unique development, and one that would eventually rub off on a whole host of other artists, including Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and many more.

Under the management of precocious American go-getter Miles Copeland, (who later emerged as the brains behind his brother Stuart’s band The Police), a worldwide record deal was inked with MCA in 1970, after none other than Ritchie Blackmore recommended them to producer-cum-A&R man Derek Lawrence. 

What followed was a series of stunning albums chock-full of unforgettable songs all characterised by the band’s instinctive ability to intertwine harmonic guitar parts with a wash of harmony vocals.

‘Sometime World – An MCA Travelogue’ is a 26 track collection that focuses on the years Wishbone Ash spent living beneath the roof of MCA Records; from 1970’s self-titled debut, to ‘Number The Brave’ in 1981 - these recordings are the building blocks upon which the group’s golden era soundly rests and are considered cornerstones to the wider rock genre in general.

The breakthrough album, ‘Argus’ released in 1972, remains a shining beacon in their extensive catalogue and the likes of ‘Blowin’ Free’, ‘The Warrior’, ‘Sometime World’ and ‘Throw Down The Sword’ are naturally present and represent the band’s unique ability to capture the ‘lightning in the bottle’ that power the original members on-stage to this day.

With the seemingly devastating departure of Ted Turner following their fourth album, Wishbone Ash continued to endure and with the addition of ex - Home guitarist Laurie Wisefield on-board, a more lineal musical approach was enjoyed, and tracks such as ‘Goodbye Baby Hello Friend’ and ‘You See Red’ on Disc Two showcases Wisefield’s song-writing ability with aplomb.


Today, the Wishbone Ash legacy is up-held by the talents of two, albeit separately operating, original members. Andy Powell continues to push the boundaries with new and individual album releases which explore his personal muse whilst remaining essentially, Wishbone Ash, whilst Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash curates the extensive Wishbone Ash heritage upon which he was an integral writer and performer.

Compiled and produced with assistance and/or approval from all the key band members, ‘Sometime World: An MCA Travelogue’ purports to leave no port left unchecked as it chronologically glides through the gems of the Ash canon with tracks representing all those classic MCA studio releases.

Travellin’ man – Roland Hyams




‘Live January 1973’ Deluxe Expanded Edition Released May 31st on Universal Music /

High Voltage Festival Appearance July 25th


Uriah Heep, the multi-million selling British rock band currently celebrating their 40th anniversary, are set to star at London’s High Voltage Festival in Victoria Park on Sunday 25th July, where they will perform the entire ‘Demons And Wizards’ album set.

On May 31st, as part of Universal Music’s on-going Deluxe Edition series, Uriah Heep’s legendary ‘Live – January 73’ album is set to be released as an expanded  deluxe packaging edition, with new expert sleeve notes, and a bonus CD containing 12 unreleased US radio show edits and film mixes of tracks used for radio .

Dateline: January 1973. Three years of dogged hard work and steady musical evolution had paid off and Uriah Heep were well on the way to becoming one of the biggest bands in the world. Issued within six heady months of each other the previous year, their most recent two albums –Demons And Wizards and The Magician’s Birthday – had seen the four-fifths British quintet (New Zealander bassist Gary Thain joined English-born vocalist David Byron, guitarist Mick Box, keyboard player/guitarist Ken Hensley and drummer Lee Kerslake) perfecting a colourful sound and achieving a well-deserved international breakthrough.

But there was still one important thing missing. Deep Purple already had Made In Japan, the Rolling Stones had released Ger Yer Ya-Ya’s Out and The Who’s Live At Leeds was already on the way to assuming legendary status. Somebody in the Heep camp (the favourite would have been manager Gerry Bron) realised that five studio records into their own career, Uriah Heep needed their own live concert recording – preferably a top of the range double gatefold job, with all the trimmings.

Live January ’73 was rightly hailed as one of the best live records of the year, and whilst the band were on tour in the States, the album reached #13 in the UK charts and became their third US Gold album.

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