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Kissin' Dynamite / Blackrain / Serpentyne - Camden Underworld, London (UK) - 18 October 2019

Opener Serpentyne were quite a surprise, being a mix of operatic vocals over Metal music with a few Medieval style intros and a blonde buxom singer who looked like she could be from the times of King Arthur and had an enthusiastic demeanour like early Kate Bush. It was a touch Gothy, a touch Power Metal and a touch Mary Poppins all at once. I did find it a strange bedfellow to the rest of the Metal on the bill, and the small one octave electronic keyboard centre stage and right in front of the vocalist was perhaps a bit of a mistake as it gave an amateur feel, but the crowd gave them a pleasant enough, if amused, reception.

BlackRain were excellent, able to easily reproduce the big sound on their studio albums they were full of energy and vigour, and transmitted that vibe to the audience so that instantly you knew you were at an all or nothing Metal show. Swan Hellion sounds exactly like he does on record and his high-pitched voices and screams totally suit the songs. New singles 'Dyin' Breed' and 'Hellfire' appeared early in the set which was a good choice as they are both rabble rousers and Matt the bassist spent a lot of time on stage with his fist high and mouth open like a warrior reflecting the do or die attitude on stage, indeed his bass actually sounded like gunfire at times and he mock shot the crowd á la Steve Harris a few times in the set. In 'Innocent Rosie' Swan and Matt mock bait each other like stags reflecting the primal feel. By the time we got to 'Blast Me Up' which is an all-out Metal anthem the show was in full swing. Being such a short set it felt like they only just got going and had the crowd punching the air and clapping before they had to wind it up, but Swan promised they would be back soon. They ended with a cover of Twisted Sister's 'We're Not Gonna Take It' when Matt took the vocals for a bit, showing he also has quite a voice. They left to a hail of cheers.

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But just when you thought a London audience was as excited as they usually get it was absolutely astonishing to see the reception that Kissin' Dynamite got as they opened with 'I've Got The Fire'. I can honestly say I have never seen such a hysterically enthusiastic reception to an up and coming band ever in London before; at times the noise from the crowd was deafening. I can only assume that the exposure the band got supporting Powerwolf earned them some die-hard fans of exactly the right sort for their straight-ahead, old skool Metal. The band showed visible disbelief at the rapturous reception and they were very soon smiling like Cheshire cats and rueing the fact that this was their only UK show this time around.

They brought out Swiss singer Anna Brunner who guested on the track 'Ecstasy' to perform it live and she got such a good reception the crowd began to chant "one more song" and so she stayed on stage for 'Sleaze Deluxe' as well. On 'Breaking The Silence' a man threw his shirt at vocalist Hannes Braun who, bemused after examining it, tossed it back. The band had a piano with flickering light candelabra for 'Heart Of Stone'; it's a big, sentimental eighties-style ballad and the crowd lapped up every note. For 'Waging War' they waved a giant military style flag at the audience. For the final track before the encore, 'I Will Be King', the band brought on a throne and Braun came on in a red velvet cloak complete with faux ermine, crown and sceptre, as he mock ordered his tour manager around the stage. Cheesy though it was, the crowd were enthralled and demanded that the band returned to the stage to perform 'You Are Not Alone', and Anna Brunner returned for the encore and final song 'Flying Colours'.

The band were so happy that things had gone so well it was literally like a New Year's Eve party on stage. The band did a small human pyramid before they took their farewells. If the reaction the band got is anything to go by, they are about to have a glitteringly successful career which I will watch with great interest and delight as a bit of a phenomena for a band so rooted in the eighties in style eliciting such a reaction of pure love from an audience in 2019. The band's slogan is "Bring Back Stadium Rock". After tonight it's looking like a possibility.

Review and photos by Dawn Osborne

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